Essie, MK, Love, and Other Random Things!

I’ve been so busy, but have been thinking about writing in my blog all week. I finally am able to sit down and write:) I have been taking pictures all week of things that I love, or pictures that inspired me. There is quite a few!!




My love pillow from one of the most caring people I know!


I'm wearing this bracelet right now:) Reminds me of everything I want to be or do. This was also a gift from someone who lets me be me! So important.


MK is my slight obsession...In LOVE with this colour that just came out.


My fav watch with two new bracelets from local jewelers. I really like black jewelry!


Two new colours from Essie! Loving the brights this spring.


Someone is addicted to Essie Nail Polish...


Current nail colour!




The flowers at an entrance to the coolest house I went to the other week!


Gorgeous fireplace!



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