We Are All Stories…

I sat in my car on this beautiful sunny day feeling incredibly sad. An overwhelming emotion took over me as I sat there quietly. I was writing a sympathy card to a friend, and was lost for words. There is no book given to us when we are born of all the right things to do or say, but I wish there were. Death is something so many of us fear, and something I cannot even wrap my head around. Why do some people go through so much? What is the RIGHT thing to say to someone when they lose a loved one? I realized today that there is nothing you can say…No words can change anything for that person, but I’ve realized caring and compassion is what helps get them through. Love heals, and simply listening can help so much. I was in search of flowers at a local florist and saw these incredible yellow roses as I knew this would lift my friend’s spirits. Roses and Orchids will always be my two favourite flowers, a little pricey, but their beautiful. Flowers were the theme of my weekend as I received so many for my birthday. I got so spoiled on my birthday and am so thankful for everything in my life. The people who I am surrounded by every day make me happy, and brighten my day. We are all stories in the end, so create your story to be whatever you want, nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible.









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