Are You Living It Right?

Does this question ever cross your mind…Am I living my life right? I can’t answer that for you, but when I ask you that what thoughts pop into your head? Negative or Positive? The first thoughts where we don’t analyze the crap out of things are really interesting to analyze. Life is so complicated but at the same time it’s simple. We love to complicate things and sometimes things happen to us that are out of our hands. I find myself putting stress on myself, because I create pressure that is caused from only me. We all have standards for ourselves and standards are a great thing to have. But sometimes it’s okay to let those high standards down a little and let yourself be okay with making some mistakes. Mistakes are lessons and without mistakes we wouldn’t know the right decisions vs the wrong ones. I believe half of our standards for ourselves are ego driven and let that ego wall down. The ego side of us sometimes doesn’t want to let us make mistakes, but talk that ego side down. It’s like when you talk to your friend about their past relationship that didn’t go well and they say yeah I totally regret what happened. The feeling of regret is awful and why live in that space? Do not regret what has happened in your past, but instead use those lessons to move on. We bring ourselves down when we focus on the negativity of a negative situation instead of seeing the lesson in a positive way. You are never living your life wrong when you are learning from lessons and working on what needs to change. The ego side of you wants you to be perfect, but nothing is perfect. Believe in yourself even in the times when you feel like you’ve lost yourself and trust your choices. The happiness within you happens when you start seeing your life in a positive way and regret nothing from your past.



Inspiration Through Lyrics & Images

I write to music every week when I post and in general whenever I am writing. I’m going to start sharing the music that inspires me every week and feel free to listen whenever you are reading my posts. I also love-inspiring images/quotes, and I will be sharing those every week too. I find creativity really comes alive when you let go of all your thoughts, and inspire yourself.

The Fray- Happiness (This is the song I almost always write to and if you have never heard it then you must have a listen. It was written about a girlfriend of the lead singer who was a long way away from him and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen. It continues to inspire me every time I listen to it.)
Filter- Take My Picture
John Mayer- Why Georgia
Taylor Swift- Starlight
Sarah Mclachlan- Wintersong
Eric Clapton- Blue Eyes Blue






The Power Of December

Is it already¬†November 20th? Where has time gone? I look back on this year and it has come with the most life lessons one year could hand me. I look back and give thanks for every lesson I have learnt. What lessons have you learnt? Who has touched or what has touched your life? December is just around the corner and it’s my favourite month. December for me is the month of love, family, and giving back. It is such a powerful time and I always feel sad when it’s all over. The gift of giving over the holidays, touching someone’s life who doesn’t have as much and spreading love, is what December is all about. Christmas brings up different emotions for different people, and I’ve talked to some who would rather not celebrate it. I, myself, have lost family members and their memory is with me every year. I picture my grandfather’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree and my uncles witty humor on the family videos. The people who leave us, leave the best memories with us and that is the gift we have from them. The pain of not having someone is harder than words can explain, but those people are looking down wanting us to celebrate. Celebrate our lives, our love and the memory that we hold of them in us forever. December is what you want it to be and the lessons we have learnt we can choose to make us stronger or bring us down. You choose this December what kind of month you want to have and the energy you choose. Love each other, celebrate, and enjoy every moment with family/friends.



Who are you everyday? I was asked this last year and I never even thought about it til I was asked. I’ve thought about who I was in general and most of us are still searching for that answer. But the question was who am I everyday? We all get into this selfish mode in life where we somehow forget that it matters who we are for the people who surround us. Who are you for that stranger that you just helped at work? Who are you for your best friend? Who are you for your parents? Who are you for the neighbor who just lost the love of his life? I think about these questions daily now and I think it’s so important to remember that you do affect people’s lives. I want to be the person who people can rely on and people want to be around me. Who do you want to be? You can be whoever you want to be and the footprint you can leave on someone’s life in ten minutes is surprising. The smile you just sent that lonely strangers way, the phone call you made to your mom just to see how she was, or the sorry you meant to say to someone you hurt. It’s the choices you make everyday when you wake up to be a better person that touch someone’s day or life.


Growth In Change

Change…it’s something some of us try to avoid and others accept it. It’s almost as if some people find change a type of thrill and they constantly crave it. I like to think I’m in the middle between loving the thrill and playing it safe. I wish I didn’t play it safe ever, but letting go is the hardest thing to do. Change comes in different forms and sometimes it’s something we cannot control. Change is bound to happen, so why do we fight it so much? We stay comfortable in where we are, but inevitably that comfort cannot last forever. I am not saying comfort isn’t nice, but change is where the lesson is learnt. It’s like the stages a tree goes through as it grows. The tree overall is the type of tree it is forever, but it’s colors change. We all love seeing the trees change and every colour is beautiful. It is the growth of someone and their many colors that makes us all unique. We all get into patterns, but sometimes the most beautiful moments happen when we change the patterns. It’s easy to get stuck in where we are as the comfort is simply where we think the happiness is. But a new-found happiness can be in the change we all fear the most. Don’t be afraid to take chances and don’t always settle for just comfortable.