The Independent Strong Woman of this Generation

I’ve had a lot of the same girlfriends since I was eighteen and I’ve witnessed all of them grow into amazing women. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing each of their opinions on life, love, independence and they have taught me the gift of how powerful women can work together beautifully. I’ve also been working directly beside women ever since I could legally work in Canada and it’s always interesting to watch women interact in different environments. Some women want their friend, co worker or their family member to succeed, but why don’t others? I constantly see the struggle of women in society trying to work as a team and it’s an unhealthy battle that so many of us have faced in our own lives. I call this the so called, “Independent strong woman of 2014”. I want to break down my personal view on what independence and strength is in hopes that this will spark some thought into how we view these terms.


In my opinion a strong woman can carry her own weight but is not afraid to ask others for help when she needs it. She admits her faults and is willing to take responsibility for her actions. A strong woman is not afraid to cry, be vulnerable and be open so others can connect to her. She knows when to say no and has set her boundaries, this does not mean she walks around bitter or is not willing to listen to other people’s views.

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“I don’t need a man” is something I hear from so many women. In my opinion an independent woman can still need a man but also remain self sufficient. A partner is meant to add to your life and wanting/needing a man does not mean you are not independent. An independent woman is empowered to choose her partner. She does not let culture define her because she accepts who she is. She helps other women/men to learn the power of independence and does not belittle them for still learning how to stand on their own two feet.

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Two years ago Oprah had a fantastic therapist on her OWN network who spoke about the problems women in the dating world are having and about self confidence. I think it’s time women start to work better as a team and learn to be more open to one another. I hope you can define for yourself what it means to be strong, independent to you and live that life. Love others for who they are, be supportive and don’t compare someone else’s life to yours. Love your life. Love yourself.



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