Bad Sugars & AMAZING Dessert

Diet change is a difficult thing to do, and I sympathize with everyone who struggles with it. I think diet change is something anyone can do, but it is no doubt a large commitment. I have cut out bad sugars in my diet, and this was one of the top ten hardest things I’ve ever done. Food is one of my favourite things, and I have learnt that all my favourite foods involve bad sugars. If you asked me a month ago whether I was addicted to sugar I would have said no, but I am starting to believe society in general is addicted to sugar. I started to cut things out of my daily meals three weeks ago, and the first week was really hard. I had headaches and I literally felt like I was having withdrawals from sugar. I am not saying all sugar is bad, but I am saying we all need to limit our sugar intake. I know just from this post that not everyone will listen, but even if you just start to cut out some things and be aware of what you are eating then you will live a healthier lifestyle. I thought I would share one of the best desserts I have seriously tasted in a long time that has absolutely no bad sugars. I will start posting some of the things I eat, and how to cut out those bad sugars! Everyone can do it!

Blueberries with Coconut Milk:

½ cup of Organic Blueberries

1 can of Full Fat Coconut Milk (Coconut milk is a good fat just like avocado so do not be concerned about the calories as your body will use them)

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

It’s just that simple! Here’s how to make it:

Usually when you use coconut milk you would shake the can to create the milk, but for this dessert DO NOT shake the can. Open up the can and there should be what looks almost like a full fat yogurt consistency. You will then scoop out the milk that is thick like yogurt into a dish until you get to the liquid in the middle which you may use for something else or throw out. You will then use about 2 tablespoons of the coconut milk and leave the rest in the fridge. You take the 2 tablespoons of coconut milk and put it right on top of the blueberries in a bowl. You then sprinkle Coconut Palm Sugar on top and you have this easy delicious dessert. I cannot even tell you how good and creamy it is without any milk ingredients at all. Enjoy!


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