Welcome to the world of TEA!

I never thought I would love tea as much as I do now. I’ve always loved learning about health, but never knew too much about the world of tea. Tea is kind of like learning about wine, and as we all know there is a ton to learn about wine. I wrote a blog post last year about tea, but I wasn’t passionate like I am now. I work at a tea shop, and I answer different tea questions all day long. I’ve learnt so much during tea tastings, research, and listening to others around me at work talk about each tea. Tea has a ton of health benefits, and I have noticed a serious difference in my immune system since I started drinking tea. Tea can help your skin, mood, and help fight disease. Here is a little run down on three types of tea:

1)      White tea is the lightest tasting tea, and is mostly harvested in China. White tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant which is the same plant as where black tea comes from. White tea is the first pick off the plant and therefore it is the highest in Antioxidants.

2)      Green Tea is my passion and I am constantly interested in learning more. Green tea as we all know is huge in any Japanese restaurant you go into, and Green tea is said to help soothe the stomach before digesting a big meal. Green tea comes from the same plant as White tea and is said to have a ton of antioxidants as well. Green tea has been used as both a beverage and in medicine for a very long time, and I believe it is a secret that Canadians are just starting to become familiar with. Matcha in particular is my favourite type of Green tea and I drink a shot in the morning almost every day. Matcha gives you serious amounts of energy as I am asked daily how I am so energetic, and I always explain my secret is a Matcha shot in the morning. Here are some Matcha facts (I was blown away when I first read these facts):

Antioxidant levels in Matcha…WOW!


6.2 times that of Goji Berries

7 times that of Dark Chocolate

17 times that of Wild Blueberries

60.5 times that of Spinach


3)      Mate: Having problems studying? Having problems focusing in everyday life? Falling asleep at your desk or school? Well Mate will help you with every one of those issues! Mate is a South American infused drink which comes from the Yerba Mate tree. The leaves of the yerba mate tree contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, abundant antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine. Mate is a natural stimulant and is much healthier than caffeine. Caffeine takes you on a high and then drops you quickly, but Mate drops you slowly.



I get a lot of people telling me they are not tea drinkers, but in my opinion you just haven’t found the right type of tea for you. Tea is important to drink in our everyday lives, and I truly believe the health benefits are worth every penny that the tea costs.



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