Share Your Weakness

Growth is so scary. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I’m scared to start to let myself grow and feel uncomfortable. The new year brings lots of new opportunities, and with opportunities comes lessons. There are opportunities we will turn down this year all because we are too scared to take the chance. The chance seems too big and our comfortable self wants to stay in our cozy nest. What does a cozy nest mean to you? It’s interesting to ask yourself that and actually think about how much you get out of the cozy nest. The cozy nest could be your city, your room, or the people in your life. The best lessons come from traveling the world, and meeting new people. We are all onions and the more chances we take the more we discover the new layers of our lives. We all can always work on things within ourselves, and having goals is a good place to start. I have my fair share of goals this year and committing to them is my biggest struggle. The beauty of sharing your weakness  is that it makes people around you grow because all the sudden they are inspired to work on their biggest weakness. Inspire the people who surround you, and help them work through their fears.




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