Even When I’m Eighty Years Old…

I still make Christmas wish lists…is that sad? I have a feeling I may never stop, even when I’m eighty years old. I know some of us love everything to change, but I definitely like some tradition still in my life. Christmas lists give your family a little direction and a wish list can consist of anything you want. I thought this year I would share my favourite things as I loved Oprah’s favourite things show this year. I make a wish list for my family and goals for myself that I want to achieve over the Christmas season. In my last post I talked about giving this season and it is so important to give. It’s lovely to receive material things, but do any of us need most of what we get? No. Nevertheless opening gifts and giving to love ones is so fun, but don’t forget to give to those who actually need food/clothing. I encourage you on this holiday season when you give your list to your family to also write a goal list for yourself!! Happy giving, spreading love, and shopping for loved ones.

P.S. My favourite things post to come on Saturday:)



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