Are You Living It Right?

Does this question ever cross your mind…Am I living my life right? I can’t answer that for you, but when I ask you that what thoughts pop into your head? Negative or Positive? The first thoughts where we don’t analyze the crap out of things are really interesting to analyze. Life is so complicated but at the same time it’s simple. We love to complicate things and sometimes things happen to us that are out of our hands. I find myself putting stress on myself, because I create pressure that is caused from only me. We all have standards for ourselves and standards are a great thing to have. But sometimes it’s okay to let those high standards down a little and let yourself be okay with making some mistakes. Mistakes are lessons and without mistakes we wouldn’t know the right decisions vs the wrong ones. I believe half of our standards for ourselves are ego driven and let that ego wall down. The ego side of us sometimes doesn’t want to let us make mistakes, but talk that ego side down. It’s like when you talk to your friend about their past relationship that didn’t go well and they say yeah I totally regret what happened. The feeling of regret is awful and why live in that space? Do not regret what has happened in your past, but instead use those lessons to move on. We bring ourselves down when we focus on the negativity of a negative situation instead of seeing the lesson in a positive way. You are never living your life wrong when you are learning from lessons and working on what needs to change. The ego side of you wants you to be perfect, but nothing is perfect. Believe in yourself even in the times when you feel like you’ve lost yourself and trust your choices. The happiness within you happens when you start seeing your life in a positive way and regret nothing from your past.



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