The Power Of December

Is it already November 20th? Where has time gone? I look back on this year and it has come with the most life lessons one year could hand me. I look back and give thanks for every lesson I have learnt. What lessons have you learnt? Who has touched or what has touched your life? December is just around the corner and it’s my favourite month. December for me is the month of love, family, and giving back. It is such a powerful time and I always feel sad when it’s all over. The gift of giving over the holidays, touching someone’s life who doesn’t have as much and spreading love, is what December is all about. Christmas brings up different emotions for different people, and I’ve talked to some who would rather not celebrate it. I, myself, have lost family members and their memory is with me every year. I picture my grandfather’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree and my uncles witty humor on the family videos. The people who leave us, leave the best memories with us and that is the gift we have from them. The pain of not having someone is harder than words can explain, but those people are looking down wanting us to celebrate. Celebrate our lives, our love and the memory that we hold of them in us forever. December is what you want it to be and the lessons we have learnt we can choose to make us stronger or bring us down. You choose this December what kind of month you want to have and the energy you choose. Love each other, celebrate, and enjoy every moment with family/friends.


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