Who are you everyday? I was asked this last year and I never even thought about it til I was asked. I’ve thought about who I was in general and most of us are still searching for that answer. But the question was who am I everyday? We all get into this selfish mode in life where we somehow forget that it matters who we are for the people who surround us. Who are you for that stranger that you just helped at work? Who are you for your best friend? Who are you for your parents? Who are you for the neighbor who just lost the love of his life? I think about these questions daily now and I think it’s so important to remember that you do affect people’s lives. I want to be the person who people can rely on and people want to be around me. Who do you want to be? You can be whoever you want to be and the footprint you can leave on someone’s life in ten minutes is surprising. The smile you just sent that lonely strangers way, the phone call you made to your mom just to see how she was, or the sorry you meant to say to someone you hurt. It’s the choices you make everyday when you wake up to be a better person that touch someone’s day or life.



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