Growth In Change

Change…it’s something some of us try to avoid and others accept it. It’s almost as if some people find change a type of thrill and they constantly crave it. I like to think I’m in the middle between loving the thrill and playing it safe. I wish I didn’t play it safe ever, but letting go is the hardest thing to do. Change comes in different forms and sometimes it’s something we cannot control. Change is bound to happen, so why do we fight it so much? We stay comfortable in where we are, but inevitably that comfort cannot last forever. I am not saying comfort isn’t nice, but change is where the lesson is learnt. It’s like the stages a tree goes through as it grows. The tree overall is the type of tree it is forever, but it’s colors change. We all love seeing the trees change and every colour is beautiful. It is the growth of someone and their many colors that makes us all unique. We all get into patterns, but sometimes the most beautiful moments happen when we change the patterns. It’s easy to get stuck in where we are as the comfort is simply where we think the happiness is. But a new-found happiness can be in the change we all fear the most. Don’t be afraid to take chances and don’t always settle for just comfortable.



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