Loving Yourself First!

I’ve been watching relationships just start, crumble and grow in the last year. I am inspired by the raw conversations I have with people I know or complete strangers. What is a raw conversation? It’s when two people don’t sugar coat their life, but simply let their true feelings out. It’s the most beautiful moment when two people truly know each other, and it’s what makes relationships grow. We all love to be in love, and find that person that makes us happy. Love is an indescribable high, and sometimes words cannot express the deep emotion we feel. Love makes us do crazy things, and sends us on a journey of unpredictable lessons. The road feels like nothing else, and the void when someone breaks your heart is beyond difficult. I think something that’s important to remember when you put yourself out there is to love YOU first. The best part about love is just letting go, and taking a chance. But that chance can be really hard when you are not happy within yourself. I know some of us are so lost in where to find that love, and some of us have never felt that love within ourselves. The journey of life always teaches you new things and there are always things to work on within ourselves. Because you haven’t found the love for you doesn’t mean that you are failing, it means you realize it. Realizing that you have things to work on is the first step to growing within yourself. This world is a lot to take on, and loving yourself is the first step. I bet you are wondering how you find the love on your own? The feeling of finding someone and being high off that love is easier than finding it within you. But what happens if that love is ever gone? Could you pick up your own pieces? Because every person can make it through, and everyone can find the love in themselves. It’s great to ask your friends what makes you lovable or your family. If you cannot find the love in you, then search for it. Take a pen right now and write down five things that you love about yourself. Are you charming? Witty? Full of energy? Relatable? Reliable? Feisty? Free? A good listener? An animal lover? A great writer? A cuddler? Funny? Playful? Do you inspire others? Warm? Compassionate? A good worker? Give the best hugs? Stand up for what you believe? The list could go on forever, but those are all some of my favourite qualities of the people in my life. Start looking today for the YOU that you love before you start looking for love with someone else. It is honestly true that until you love yourself, you cannot truly give your heart to someone. Write down qualities about yourself that you love, start talking positive to yourself, and be your best friend. The beauty of love starts with loving YOU.



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