Self Medication!

I have a problem and I want an automatic fix. I have no patience to wait and I feel like things are out of my control. I’ve heard this a lot, especially listening to people who are older than me. I think as we experience more, grow, and as scary things happen, we want to go back and change things. We experience anxiety, OCD and we want control. What if I told you that there is nothing you can control that surrounds you, but your own choices? It’s true. There is no automatic fix to our problems and prescription medicine isn’t the answer. I have the hardest time listening to someone tell me they are on an anxiety medication for their problems. Medication is a temporary fix, but problems don’t just go away. We all want the quick fix, but that’s not realistic. What if we saw problems as a beautiful thing? We are all on this roller coaster of life and without hard times, we wouldn’t fully appreciate the god times. We are learning as we experience the most difficult times and everything always gets better. The dark times are the ugliest but the light can be found. Admitting your problems and talking is the first step to working through them. I do not know how I would work things out without the people who surround me. It’s all about what you choose in your life and who you open up to. Opening up about your problems isn’t always easy and it can be exhausting to dig deep. I think its important that when we listen to others that we do not compare our problems with theirs, as everyone’s issues are equal. I know we all feel we’ve had our struggles, but everyone’s struggles are important. Your story is beautiful, and I admire the people who share theirs with me. I am empowered, and inspired when people open up. I feel comfortable to share my hard times with others who share their hard times. If we all learnt to open up about our stories, dig deep and find the support we need then we wouldn’t need all these medications. We wouldn’t need Paxil, or any other anxiety medication. There is no band-aid big enough to cover your wound forever until you look it straight in the face and kick its ass! You create your own thoughts and you can be whatever you want to be. Do not let any feeling stop you, and do not let any thought take you down.



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