Hello Inspiration!

Hello inspiration! It’s been a while since you’ve come around, but you always come around when I own my own life. The beautiful mornings when I wake up to get ready to achieve something I’ve been working towards. I achieve something everyday by living in a happy place. A happy place that is full of taking chances and not living in fear. I want to feel the wind, run with freedom in my hands, and laugh with the people I love most. I am free when I let myself free. No one else can hold me down and I believe in myself.

I wrote this after a very eventful weekend at an inspiring interview for a new job opportunity, listening to friends about their lives and singing at the top of my lungs in my car. Three things that I realize inspire me…I know singing in my car is a little weird, but hey it’s whatever gets you to that inspired place. In my interview over the weekend I was asked what inspired me. It’s a question I got a little stuck on, but I realized in that very moment that I should have asked myself that long ago. Have you ever asked yourself what inspires you? What makes you smile and gets you feeling alive? I know fall brings the darkness but it is beautiful. Fall is the time to relax, think, and find the warmth. I don’t mean warmth just in cozy sweaters but warmth within yourself. You’re alive…and though sometimes life throws things our way we feel we cannot handle, we can handle them. You can handle them and you can find happiness within yourself. I’ve been around people my whole life who deal with anxiety/panic and I’ve learnt a lot about living in your own head. Most of the time we all hold only ourselves back with the thoughts in our heads.  It’s just that simple, you do not have control of others, but you do have control of you. I hope today you take the time to find what inspires you and take control of your life. You will inspire others when you are owning your own inspiration.



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