Monsterating…Thank You Phil Dunphy!

This is definitely a girls only blog post that I’m about to write. I feel like this is one of the most important topics and it’s so rarely discussed. WHOREMONES…Why do they get this awful nickname? Because sometimes they seriously mess with the way we all feel…especially when you’re monsterating, (thank you Phil Dunphy). Hormones are like messengers in our bodies. They are chemicals that are manufactured by glands and released into the bloodstream. They are communicators who pass around different messages in our body. Most of the time those messages are ignored in your twenties but there is the odd time that your body responds to them. Hormones have an effect on your mood, growth, speeding up or slowing down the metabolism and regulating your sexual urges. There are ways to help your body work with your hormones to help you feel more balanced. The birth control pill is one way, but I PERSONALLY don’t really trust it long-term. I know the pill is a touchy subject and I was on it for 4 years, but the pill is hard on your body when used long-term. I am not going to go too far into this subject but I think it’s important to know what history your family has. Did a woman in your family have breast cancer? The pill ups your chances of breast cancer when used long-term. In 2002 when the National Institutes of Health discovered that animal-derived estrogen and the synthetic progesterone known as progestin, had a very high risk of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke, and dementia. I think it’s important to be educated on what you’re putting in your body and know your risks. Another way to help with hormones balance is diet. Diet is a huge part of balance everywhere in your body, but especially hormones. If you have mood swings caused by hormone changes during the month than diet change would be a great option for you. Saturated fats and sugar make hormones worse and create mood swings. Saturated fats in meat and dairy may cause an increase in estrogen resulting in hormonal imbalance. Eat more fruits and vegetables which will help your hormones to be more normal. Phytoestrogens are plant hormones that, when ingested by humans, mimic the effects of naturally occurring hormones. Choose foods that will have this effect on your body such as kale, broccoli, turnips and soybeans. You also never want to miss breakfast because you want to keep your metabolism high and everything in your body leveled. Include fiber in your breakfast, because fiber binds estrogen. The fiber eliminates excess hormones and leaves you feeling happier. Hormone balance is all about diet and if you follow these simple steps you will feel less overwhelmed, moody, tired and stressed. It’s all about how you take care of your body and how you educate yourself.



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