Powerful Things!

Yesterday I woke up feeling the total shits and got two hours of sleep. I had been drinking the night before, and did not plan to have as much as I did. Isn’t that the way it always is? You plan on having a casual dinner out and all the sudden you find yourself  on the dance floor with your girlfriends who convinced you to go out. Anyways back to yesterday…so I head to work and I’m having a pretty good day. It’s pouring rain out, but it just wouldn’t be the same city without the rain in the fall. I got off work early which is always a treat and found an envelope in the back room at work addressed to my name. I haven’t had anything personal mailed to me in a long time with all this internet now who needs mail? Well actually I love mail, it’s exciting! It’s something you never get anymore except for bills, but those are just depressing. I opened up the envelope and there was a card that read “You’re Awesome”. I opened up the card and there was some of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me in it. This couple who I helped earlier this month just simply wanted to send me a thank you card. It made my day and I left work with a huge smile on my face. Who does that anymore? Who takes the time to recognize someone for their personality or their helpful deed? If the world were this thankful then we would be much more of a humble place. I cried reading the card and it was so touching. A card is a simple gesture but it makes someone’s day. Giving thanks, recognizing someone for who they are, and showing your appreciation for their hard work is a powerful thing to do. If you have someone to thank, or someone simply blew you away with their service in a store then show your appreciation. Life is short and it’s important to spread the love. Make someone’s day today and change those Monday blues.









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