Natural Sexual Stimulators..

Sexual stimulations…are you intrigued? I haven’t gone anywhere near this topic before and probably for good reason. I tend to be a little too open, so I will try to keep it tame for the more shy readers.

Food is the bodies fuel and our bodies react differently to certain types of flavours and smells. I’m sure you have all heard that oysters, and chocolate are aphrodisiacs, but what else is? What else can help your sexual moods? Here are the top 4 foods and why!

1. Nuts! How fitting right? I had previously blogged about how nuts help your skin but I also found out they help your sex drive. You have a better sex life and your skin looks amazing? That makes it one of the top superfoods. Why do nuts have this effect on your body? Nuts have the majority of the main fatty acids our bodies need which helps create sex hormones. If you consume nuts daily you will have higher than normal amount of energy which will therefore create more stamina for your sex life!

2. Garlic! Yes I know what you’re thinking and I couldn’t agree more. Garlic makes your breath stink and no one wants to smell garlic on their partners breath while having sex. But garlic is a huge booster for your sex life! Garlic contains Allicin which is an oily liquid that has antibacterial qualities which are found in garlic. Allicin helps the flow of blood to all your sex organs and enhances your energy in the bedroom. So get a pack of gum and try some garlic!

3. Cinnamon was known to be an aphrodisiac way back in the day and studies have shown that this fact is true. Cinnamon increases body heat, and your appetite for food/sex.

4. Peppermint is known for its refreshing and stimulating smell. It is meant to heighten stimulation and put you right in the mood. Peppermint products such as shampoo, or soap can make you muti-orgasmic.




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