Beauty Without Judgement

You are beautiful. When you read that line to yourself what do you think? Well yeah I kind of am but I could probably lose a couple of pounds or maybe if my hair wasn’t so thin. I think it’s sad the way the world is turning, and it’s been like this for many years. When is it just too much? I think the world is recognizing how incredibly obsessed everyone is on their appearance in the last year and thank God. I used to spend a lot of time tanning in the tanning beds. I would lay there for twenty minutes sometimes just baking my skin. I would come out feeling happy I had taken away my pale appearance. I risked my health to feel beautiful, but never bothered to look inside. Of course everyone cares to a certain extent but what happened to healthy beauty? I define healthy as what you are meant to be when you are eating healthy and exercising. Our world fights age but why? Wrinkles are going to happen and one day our appearance won’t be youthful but so what? Appreciate all your ages of beauty because every age comes with a new type of beauty. It’s important to exercise and feel good but do it well loving yourself. We are all our worst critics but it doesn’t have to be that way. Girls with confidence are the most attractive ones who don’t waste time obsessing about their appearance. You are beautiful when you accept you. Say it to yourself today and change those judgmental thoughts.



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