Skin Superfoods

I’ve been learning a lot about what different foods do for different parts of your body, and this week I’m going to be sharing some of the many super foods out there. SKIN is the topic today as it’s the Saturday of the long weekend, and a face mask is a must before hitting the town. Your skin needs food just like your tummy does! Our skin doesn’t benefit from all those crappy foods we crave since what it really wants is the good fats. Here is in my opinion the BEST three things for your skin, and I’ve been experimenting:


  1. A face mask would not be skin brightening without AVOCADO. Avocados are Mother Nature’s natural skin moisturizer. Whether you want to eat guacamole, or mix it up in a bowl to create a face mask it is full of healthy benefits. Avocado is high in fat as we all know, but it is a good fat for your body. What does a good fat mean? Good fats are naturally occurring fats that have not been processed, or have had any other man-made tampering. Our body needs fat to be healthy, but it is all about what kind of fat you eat. Avocado helps lower cholesterol and helps maintain skin cell integrity. You can eat an avocado on its own, mashed up, or in the form of oil. Avocado oil is excellent for dry skin, and you can buy it at any health food store. If you suffer from dry skin it’s great to apply the oil straight to your face before bed.
  2. The next one actually surprised me as its almonds, which I never knew was so good for your skin. Almonds have a ton of health benefits, as they actually have 150% of your daily need of Vitamin E. I tend to get dry skin as the season changes to more dry and cold weather. I apply Vitamin E oil to the areas on my face which are super dry, and by the morning the dry spots have cleared up. Vitamin E is full of antioxidants so it also helps with aging skin and damage to the skin.
  3. Honey is a sweet treat that we all put on our toast, in tea, and some just eat it straight. Honey is known as one of the top superfoods and comes packed with tons of antioxidants. It is also a natural moisturizer, and is best bought when it is Organic. I LOVE sugar, but sugar is so bad for you. I cannot even begin to explain how bad it is for you, but I find when I start to eat it for a couple of days after dinner I crave it when I try to stop. Honey is a good alternative to curve those sugar cravings, as it is not a refined sugar. A mixture of honey with olive oil makes a really good hair mask, though it sounds sticky, it can help with dry ends. Honey is a beauty staple for the skin, and your skin will love it in a face mask.


P.S. the next post is going to get a little naughty as there are some superfoods for your sex life!


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