No Regrets Quinn & Remembering Ami’s Smile.

I know it’s been a while…well really it’s been month! But I tend to only write when I feel like it. I know a blog is a consistent thing you write in or post things to, but in the last couple months I have been elsewhere in my head. Today is a day of many memories, old and new.

Today I remembered a life that was taken too quickly from us. I was at his family’s house listening to his dad playing guitar outside, and looked around at all the smiling faces laughing together. It was a peaceful moment, and I thought to myself wow, he would be proud of all the people he loved most. Everyone got together to celebrate a life that touched us all. He believed that we should all live with No Regrets, and at his celebration of life, six years ago, at the age of eighteen I remember promising myself I would never live with any regrets. Regrets are something we are all afraid to have, and a lot of times we play it safe to make sure we don’t have any. The truth is, regrets do not exist. Trust what you feel, and whatever doesn’t work in life, whatever path isn’t the right one, you have learnt something from it. Every lesson, every scar, and every memory is what helps shape YOU. Thank you Quinn for teaching all the people who knew you what never regretting anything truly means.

I walked next door to see my neighbours I have known for the last nineteen years. The man who lived there passed away the other day at eighty eight. Today I remembered his smile, and his warmth. As I walked into the house, it felt empty. His chair was gone, and it didn’t feel the same. His wife was sitting in the chair right beside where he used to sit wiping her tears. She lost her soul mate and the person she shared everyday with. She said nothing the whole visit I was there except one thing, “I still cannot believe it”. My eyes swelled up with tears, and in that moment there was nothing to say. It was true, how could you believe you just lost someone you have been with your whole life. Today I remembered how incredible he was, and how thankful I am to have known him. Thank you Ami for showing everyone you knew the joy of humor and the gift of love.

I wrote this blog not to feel sad, or depressed, but to remember that life is a beautiful thing. Both these men touched my life, and touched many people’s lives. I think we all have to remember we have an impact on others, even when we don’t think we do. What would you want to be remembered for? Who are you every day? We are all the most powerful when we let go of judgement, regrets, and simply love. Love ourselves, and love each other. I have learnt in the past three months that anything is possible, and that every moment ahead is a mystery. Enjoy the mystery and enjoy life for what it is.




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