Bringing Awareness

This journey is full of surprises and opportunities I never would have guessed to come up. I am working with a foundation called Save Your Skin, and the Cancer Society asked me if I wanted to join their Tan Free Grad project. These were opportunities that came to me all from sharing my story, and I feel privileged to hopefully make a difference in one person’s life. Today, I went to a local highschool with the Save Your Skin Foundation and spoke in front of a grade 12 class. I was nervous, and actually don’t really remember all I said in front of everyone. I was telling my story and my eyes started to swell up with tears. It is a difficult thing to put yourself out there, and your story. I watched the video during the presentation called “16-year-old me”, a moving video on youtube that reminds us all to be sun aware, and not to use the tanning beds. I watched the room of grade 12 students and was amazed to see how many people were focused. I remember being eighteen, and it takes a lot to focus. I was touched by this young man who came up to me, and introduced himself. He said that he was happy to have us there, and was the one who set up this whole presentation for his school. I couldn’t believe his courage and strength. This guy took on a huge issue, and decided to bring awareness to his school. I feel like you don’t come across people everyday who want to make a true difference, but when you do, its inspiring. It’s inspiring to see people be selfless, and to give. Today, I realized two things…Sharing your story and experiences can change people’s lives, and the power of communication is beautiful.




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