Support & Forgiveness

It has been a while since I’ve written in my blog. I took space to be by myself to get myself back on my feet after a huge scare in my life. I have been surrounded with more love than I would have ever expected, and I am forever grateful for the beautiful people in my life. The support I’ve felt over the past three weeks was strong, and people who take time to write a message, come for a visit, or call, created my life to be a happier place when everything else felt a little broken in my world. I was sitting with a friend yesterday, and we were talking about how it takes effort to stop your busy day to write a message to someone wishing them all the best. I think sometimes we don’t even realize how much we can touch someone’s life by doing the little things. People reached out to me who I had not talked to in a long time, and I was blown away. Whether you’ve drifted from someone or things just didn’t work out, the relationship is still there. At one point in time, you had a connection, and that connection will never be forgotten. I was watching Oprah’s lifeclass today, and I love what she said. Her show was on forgiveness, and the power of letting go. Our ego’s hold onto drama, as everyone has an ego and we all have that small part of us who wants to make that person pay if they’ve done something wrong. Our ego gets in the way sometimes, but don’t let it. Forgiveness is the healthiest medicine, and until you move on, you will hold that grudge which will only hold you back. The past is the past, no one can change it, but you can change the future. I think at one point everyone can own up to the fact that their ego has gotten in the way, and they have held onto something that is from the past. The truth is only you pay in your life for that grudge that you hold. You cannot control someone else’s thoughts or if they choose to forgive what happened, but you can still forgive. Maybe you hold onto your past with a friendship, or what your parents did when they raised you, but that is the past. I think we all blame our parents for lessons learned, or a divorce, but the truth is, they did their best. Maybe their best has changed now and they’ve realized their faults, so forgive them. Forgive whoever or whatever situation holds you back. We all used band aids when we were little to cover up our wounds, but now our wounds are complicated and much bigger. A band aid won’t solve them anymore, but forgiveness will.




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