Cancer Never Crossed My Mind…

This is something I thought I would never write, not in a million years. This is the biggest health scare I have gone through and I want to tell my story to hope that others learn from things I may have done wrong. I had a mole removed last week, it was a little smaller than a dime in size, and was a dark brown almost black in colour. I went in to find myself sitting in the clinic waiting for the doctor to come. I was texting a friend about going out after I had heard my results about my mole, and not once did Cancer cross my mind. My doctor walked in, she was quiet with her head down and said, you have skin cancer. The words felt like tiny pieces of glass going into my heart, and I was shocked. She talked to me about the levels of cancer, but I could not tell you what she said, because all I heard was Cancer and that was enough. I left the room with tears streaming down my face, and sat in my car in shock. Why me? Why anyone? I had talked the week before to the doctor who removed my mole about tanning. I was in love with tanning at 16-20 years of age. I felt the best/healthiest when I looked tanned, but I was terribly wrong. I risked my life to look good. No one knows what caused my skin cancer exactly, but tanning beds are a risk every time you go. I only went once a month in the last year just to feel good, and that made my chances go up to get skin cancer by 75%. I was also never a fan of sunscreen in Vancouver. I would wear it when I went to Mexico, but I never thought the sun was hot enough here, but it is. Some people will read this, and think wow, well you were just dumb. But I am telling you, this is something most girls/guys did, and still do.  I am now waiting for surgery in 2 days to get more tissue removed, and the results will tell me more. I’m just waiting, waiting is painful, and every day that goes by I think of all the different outcomes it may be. These last few days, I have realized more than I can possibly share on here in one paragraph. My appreciation for everything is at a whole new level, and the people who care about me in my life have shined through when I need them most and I am forever grateful for the continuous support in my life. Friends who take the time to love you, message you, and tell you everything is okay are people you know you will be friends with for a lifetime. Love, friendship, and family is all you need. I want to touch people’s lives, and help others who are going through this to not feel alone. Every time you don’t wear sunscreen or you go in those tanning beds, you are risking your life. I thought I was invincible, but no one is. I just stay positive every day, and am waiting to hear the words you are Cancer free.



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