Say What Holds You Back

Communication is one of the main keys to a healthy relationship. I suppose I tend to over communicate with people around me which can be a good thing, but also can cause issues with others. I was talking to a friend yesterday about some things that are going on in my life, and she admitted she never shares how she feels, as she would rather not say anything at all. I think this is how so many people operate. It is easier to say nothing, than spark a conversation that will lead to potential drama. Drama is an interesting word, because things can seem dramatic to one person, but to another it’s no big deal. I see drama as someone who is sparking a situation to occur just for the sake of getting attention with bad intentions. I think when you start a conversation knowing you have good intentions is what’s important. I’ve realized you cannot control what others feel or think, as all you can control in life is what you mean or feel. Communication is a beautiful thing we are given, and the most powerful tool in life. Communication is what makes us learn, it’s what makes our world grow, and our relationships grow. There is no need to see communication with good intentions as a bad thing, as the moment you know all you have is love, everything comes together. So say what holds you back, and what will make you move on in your life. Amazing things happen when you just say it, and the weight is lifted off your shoulders.




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