It’s Time To Cut The Crap!

I’ve been thinking lately about how unhealthy I feel the last month or so, I’ve been eating restaurant food, and have not been exercising. I’ve decided to create a goal for myself to simply be healthier everyday. And healthy does not mean crazy skinny, or depriving myself of things to look the way society sees beauty, but simply just change how I’m eating, and create a workout plan that is realistic with my schedule. I had never set a goal in my whole life a year ago, of course everyone sets the odd errands goal they must achieve by the end of the day, but I mean a bigger goal. I think goals are very important and keep you working towards what you want. If you follow through with your goals, and set them to be realistic then you will achieve them! I used to think when I would create goals that others would hold me accountable, but the truth is, it needs to come from YOU. I am setting goals for myself this month, and I am having some anxiety just thinking about them! It is hard for me to stick to something and follow through with it to the end, but this year I am committed to making changes in my life, and not making excuses. I thought I would share with you all my goals and post on how I’m doing every week! My goals are:

1. Eat three meals a day during the week that consist of a palm size portion of carbs, a salad or a plate of vegetables, and a palm size portion of protein. I personally do not eat meat, so the protein is often a challenge for me. Protein is what makes you feel full and satisfied so even if you are a vegetarian make sure you are getting protein from other sources. I am a big eater no doubt, and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. So this will be a challenge for me, but I am going to create big portions of vegetables to help me feel like I’m eating a bigger portion.

2. I am allowed to cheat. I think going cold turkey is NOT REALISTIC, I know we’ve all tried diets out there, and what do you crave every time? CARBS. Your body gets hooked on carbs, and it is harder than you think to just cut yourself off completely. I am going to allow myself to have a couple bites of cheesecake at work once a week, and I LOVE dark chocolate so I will allow myself to have 2 squares daily.

3. I love my drinks, and yes those drinks have lots of calories in them, but I enjoy them with my friends on the weekends. My weekends will be my times when I get to cheat with a couple of drinks after a long week of work!

4. I run 3 days a week for 45 minutes.


These goals to me are realistic and I still get to indulge in things everyday that I enjoy. I made my first meal, and wanted to share it with you, as I am getting lots of ideas from my mom. I will admit, it’s never crazy exciting compared to a plate of nachos, but it is going to make me feel a lot better. If you want to start eating healthy or running, feel free to follow what I’m doing and let me know how it goes!




I started with a Veggie Breakfast Link in an iron pan with no oil, and white onions grilled. The grilled onions are so good, and make it taste like you are eating a hot dog.


I then cut up half a tomato, a chunk of cucumber, and half an avocado. I find avocado fills me up, and your body uses the good fats so don't be afraid of the fat!


I then put 1/2 a cup of brown rice into a bowl. A really cool fact I learnt today is black rice is also really good for you. It has a lot less sugar than white rice and is high in antioxidants. It is also very inexpensive!


I let the brown rice cool down a bit and then add organic fresh lettuce mix into the bowl.


I then add the veggies that I cut up into the bowl.


The finished product! I added the Veggie Breakfast Link, grilled onions, hot salsa and plain yogurt to the top! I know it's a little different but it was so good, and filled me up for a long day of serving!





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