Going Gluten Free

Well clearly as my blog name says…I LOVE anything to do with health. When I found out I was allergic to wheat I started to have to shop at Whole Foods and specialty stores…And yes, I’m not complaining! I was reading an article yesterday that estimated 2 million people in the U.S. suffer from celiac disease and there are tons of people who don’t even know they have it. Celiac disease gets confused with many other diseases, and your doctor will often test for other things too. I suggest trying a natural path as well, they seem to know more about celiac diesease! If you think you may be allergic to gluten, try to eliminate it in your diet for two weeks. After two weeks usually you see the symptoms getting better if that is the problem. I really believe in probiotics, especially if you have celiac disease, but this can help anyone’s digestive system, and their general health. Bio K is a brand sold at Whole Foods, or any local health food store. I can not explain how much better I felt by taking it! Bio K comes in fermented milk or soy if you have a dairy allergy. There is 50 billion active bacteria per bottle, and even though they are $3.50 per bottle, it is the best thing you can do for your body! I suggest if you start taking it, to start with only a teaspoon and take a little more each day. I found the whole bottle to be quite a bit when your body is not used to it. Anyways here are a few of my favourite items that I eat all the time that are all GLUTEN free!!

Glutino is my favourite brand. They make everything taste like you are actually eatting wheat. My friends have all tried these pretzels and some have even said they like them more than the regular ones! Sold at any local health food store or grocery store.

kinnikinnick is a Canadian brand that makes the all time best gluten free bagels. They are frozen so you have to toast them, but they make the best sandwiches! They are sold at any local health store, Whole Foods and most grocery stores.

These noodles are delicious! They are not mushy and are cholesterol free. They come in all types of shapes and are very easy to cook. I even use them with Annie’s Mac and Cheese and replace these noodles with the wheat noodles in the Mac and Cheese box.

Another delicious Glutino product that is gluten free. These crackers also come in other flavours, but cheddar wins my vote! They are great dipped in cream cheese or really with anything. They are sold at most grocery stores and Whole Foods.


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