Your Own Happiness

Happiness…A really smart friend of mine once said to me that the moment you stop caring what others think and focusing on your own happiness, you will be happy. I ask myself what happiness means to me all the time. Where do I find it? It’s the most beautiful feeling when you truly feel that real genuine smile on your face. I realize I love helping people, and giving back. It doesn’t even have to be anything big, just as simple as holding a door open for someone who is in a wheelchair or helping someone with their groceries. Giving without expecting anything in return is the most selfless thing that you can do. My week has been pretty low key, and it’s been nice to sleep in. I think sometimes we all get so busy that we forget to take time for ourselves. This quieter week has given me extra time to sit down and think. I will admit that I over think, but what girl doesn’t…I used to over analyze so much that I would go through every single possible what if that I could. This week I’ve realized that I’m happy when I’m not over analyzing, and instead letting things go and be the way they are supposed to be. Happiness comes from within, yes I know…it’s cheesy. BUT it’s true. The moment you deal with what you are battling inside, become honest with yourself, commit to developing yourself, and surround yourself with great people, you will start to figure things out. This week I’ve enjoyed doing so many things, and the simplest things made me smile.




I know what you are thinking...A jellyfish made you happy? Yes it did. I stood at the tank at the Aquarium thinking WOW these are beautiful. They were in a bright tank in a dark room, and they were glowing. The creatures in the sea amaze me, there is an underworld we are not even close to discovering.




Mmmmm! Okay I didn't believe people when they said Thomas Haas makes the BEST hot chocolate, but you were all right. The taste of this, and the company I was with made me happy. I just love friends & chocolate.




Also at Thomas Haas:)



Best new spring lipstick! Who doesn't love a new colour to make them feel good. It's called Force of Love and is at M.A.C for $17.50.


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