I Always Find Something I Love

So yesterday was a really good day! My work was having a party in the evening and I spent the whole day running around looking for the perfect dress. I actually like shopping under pressure by myself, I feel like I get more done when I have a plan and a time to be out of the mall. If I don’t have a time when I’m shopping, I will come home with bags of unnecessary things! Yes…I already admitted I have a shopping problem! I tried to shop in my own closet but nothing was working. I hate those days when nothing in your closet is working for you. Zara is probably my favourite store, never too expensive, and I always find something I love. I walked around and found some dresses I liked, but then I looked at this mannequin who was wearing the cutest white dress. I really don’t do white, not because I don’t like it, but I spill on it every time. I know right? How old am I! I feel like I need a bib when I wear white! But yesterday I decided it’s time to grow up and just rock it even if I stain it! Here are some pictures of the dresses I really liked yesterday and things in my day that made it great.




The white dress:) It's so girly!



The perfect spring dress! I love the fringing at the front. At Zara for $59.90



I always have crazy ideas that sometimes seem unreachable, but sometimes the craziest ideas are the greatest ideas.



I haven't had nails since I was 10 years old! So excited to be able to finally paint them. Love this colour!



The view from work last night! So beautiful.



I really loved the fit of this dress. The top is a bit flowy and the bottom is tight. It ended up being c thru and they had no slips to go under it. I may go back for it though:) At Zara for $59.90






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