The Ultimate Health Nut

My mom lost 40lbs, and I know what you are thinking for the people who know her…WOW! She truly looks great! It took a lot of effort and dedication to lose the weight. I watch her eat very interesting things everyday, and I try to eat like her, but it’s difficult! She strictly sticks to her diet and has read so many books that she knows what it takes. She says she has taken most of her learnings from the Alive magazine that is free at most health food stores. Here are some of her secrets, and I know we all strive to eat better so hopefully these tips will help!

She eats as pure as she can, she stays away from pesticides, she calls it “conscious eating”. She thinks about every thing that goes into her mouth. Some people eat for only pleasure, which trust me, I get! Who doesn’t love a piece of cheesecake…But she eats for health first and pleasure second. She is a vegan, and has not eaten at a restaurant in 15 years…We always ask her if she craves things that we are eating, and she responds with no not at all. This amazes me as I love restaurants, but she says you get used to not craving the bad stuff.

You must be thinking WHAT THE HECK does this woman eat…Well here are some of the many interesting things:

1. Her biggest secret to losing weight: PEANUT BUTTER…Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Yes you are probably thinking peanut butter is super fattening, but actually your body uses these plant fats differently than animal fats. She sticks to the organic peanut butter, because peanuts have lots of pesticides that grow in the ground. It also fills you up. She has a table-spoon a few times a day on something like a fruit bake, or an apple with cinnamon, since it’s makes you feel like you are having a treat!

2. She starts her day always with protein and that’s VERY important…Why? It gives you energy, makes you feel full and stabilizes your blood sugar which then helps you not to have that unwanted tummy fat. Then also you want to have a good fat i.e. flax oil, or olive oil. She creates smoothies in the morning as she can throw everything in it, and this makes her feel full. The recipe: Almond milk, healthy oil blend, a scoop of powder vegan protein, half a banana and some frozen blueberries. The 2nd more granola option is: A whole lemon, spinach, powdered vegan protein, almond milk, and frozen blueberries.

3. Salad is in her meals everyday, I know we all know salad is healthy DUH, But she eats salads at a whole new healthy level. If you eat larger portions, think about making your salads look bigger. Add lots of veggies, and greens so your body thinks you are still eating a lot, and then add a palm size of protein, and a palm size of rice, pasta or whatever you want to use! The recipe: The trick is to create your own dressing…Olive oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, favourite spices, and salt. Mixed organic greens, cucumber, sliced tomato, organic veggie hot dog, 10 walnuts, and a bit of rice pasta cooked on the top with some organic pasta sauce makes you feel like you are still eating a full meal with a small amount of carbs!



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