Words Mean A Lot!

I was thinking today about relationships, and I know this is nothing to do with my blog name really, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you that I tend to just rant…

I’m writing right now well listening to Adele, because her music makes you feel so many things. I was looking out at the beautiful view today at work, and was thinking about all the people in my life. I had posted a picture last night of a quote on a picture frame that I have in my room, I look at it every night. There’s this song called If I Die Young by The Band Perry, and if you haven’t heard it I suggest you do! I know everyone isn’t a country fan, but this song gets you thinking about how you spend your days. I think we all hold back what we are thinking or feeling so we don’t hurt anyone or say too much. We all think that the people we love most just know how much we love them. I will admit that actions speak louder than words, but words mean a lot too. I used to work with this girl who always complimented me, and it made my day. I don’t mean shallow compliments, but just a nice compliment about my personality. I realize I don’t compliment people enough as I think just like so many of us we get caught up in our heads. Compliment someone today, say what you feel in the moment, and tell those people you care about the most that you LOVE them.




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