It’s Midnight

Well it’s midnight and I really should be studying more on my food test for work, but I was so busy yesterday I didn’t post! Well Okay I wasn’t that busy really…I shopped. And I shouldn’t shop, because I shop A LOT. I think it’s a total girl thing, not saying that some guys don’t like to shop, but I would say that excitement you get for something new in your closet is a girl thing. I used to buy tons of only cheap stuff, the more in your closet the better it looked right? Now I’ve learned that quality is way better than quantity. So during my day off I took a couple of pictures:)




This is my fav black lab named Gem! She spends her days at a local bookstore and has her very own cozy chair. If you sit in her chair she gets really upset, and the picture behind her is just too cute.



I was looking at this wall of oils etc in a Italian deli and was inspired to cook some Italian food. I realized that I don't cook enough. I debate cooking what I feel like, but then just end up making an easy sandwich instead. My goal this week: Cook dinner! I will post photos:)



Yes I am wild about headbands! I know what you're thinking...I dislike headbands... but honestly, they make an outfit sometimes! When I am dressed in just black, and I wear a coloured headband that pops, its hot! I find my favourites at Blue Ruby, Club Monaco, and J Crew!


Loving this oversized Tee!! Yellow=Spring! At Zara for $29.


I think it's important in life to remember that you chose who you talk to and see everyday. Life is short, and spending it with those who care about you as much as you care about them is a gift!


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