So Your Saying I Lick Beetle Juice?

I am a huge fan of red lipstick and feel like it just gives you that bit of pop to every black outfit when you’re going out. BUT I found something gross out…crushed insects are in some of the ones out there and you don’t know which ones. Strong red colours in eyeshadow and lipstick most likely come from crushed insects as this is the only thing that really gets that red vibrant pop. They call the ingredient Carmine as you can only imagine reading the ingredients on a lipstick and seeing crushed bugs…most likely it would gross most people out. The dye is extracted either from the dried bodies of deceased female cochineal beetles or from the unfertilized eggs laid by female cochineal beetles. The use of Carmine is approved by the FDA. I still love my red lipsticks, but finding this out makes me re consider which ones I go for! I’m going to look into some brands that don’t have carmine in them and post an update soon!





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