Writing is Powerful

I woke up this morning on the early side…I know you are probably looking at the time right now thinking it’s 9:30am, but I am the type of person who could sleep for a long time. Today is a VERY rainy day! I know some people get really effected by this down pour, but I put a positive swing on it. It’s the best time to write music. I don’t play the guitar, even though I wish I did, but I write all the time. I write music and I write poetry which are really quite similar. It’s weird how I find writing on days when I’m down and its raining so much easier than when I’m having a great day and it’s sunny out. I find sharing poetry one of the hardest things to do, you literally show every emotion you are feeling to the people who are reading it. I’ve shared it with a couple friends and my family, but sharing it on my blog is a big deal for me. But I’m just going to go for it and share it with you all. I think about Adele’s someone like you. She said it’s her hardest song to sing, because it’s her most powerful. I don’t only write about myself, but I write about what people are going through around me. If you don’t write, or never have, just pick up a pen today, and try it! You will be so surprised what comes out on that paper.




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