Going Paraben Free!

I love skin care, but who doesn’t? After all your skin is the biggest organ in your body. I learnt the other day about Parabens, a word I have personally never heard before. It’s scary how many secret ingredients are in the skin care we all use, and we will never know it’s bad for us. I was sitting with some girlfriends last night talking about Parabens and the effect it has on our bodies, as they also had never heard about it! I started looking at all my bottles of body cream and learnt it’s in every one.

The David Suzuki Foundation talks about the effects of Parabens, here is the link: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/health/science/toxics/chemicals-in-your-cosmetics—parabens/

Derma e, Tea Tree & E face cream is the most recent face cream I’ve come across. I have dry skin, and it works like a charm with this dry wintery weather. It’s easy to rub in and leaves your skin feeling fresh, and smooth. It smells strong of tea tree oil when you first apply it, but the smell goes away quickly when applied to your skin. This cream is Paraben free, and does not test on animals, which is an important thing to me personally. It costs $12.99 which is a great deal for a face cream! Here is the link for the Derma e website: http://www.dermae.com/fc_portals/cgi-bin/fccgi.exe?w3exec=dfc.portal

I know we all get stuck on our favourite face creams and body creams, but I wanted to share one that I have discovered and am really loving. I’m still trying more and will update with the latest lotions I have found that are Paraben free!





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