Bad Sugars & AMAZING Dessert

Diet change is a difficult thing to do, and I sympathize with everyone who struggles with it. I think diet change is something anyone can do, but it is no doubt a large commitment. I have cut out bad sugars in my diet, and this was one of the top ten hardest things I’ve ever done. Food is one of my favourite things, and I have learnt that all my favourite foods involve bad sugars. If you asked me a month ago whether I was addicted to sugar I would have said no, but I am starting to believe society in general is addicted to sugar. I started to cut things out of my daily meals three weeks ago, and the first week was really hard. I had headaches and I literally felt like I was having withdrawals from sugar. I am not saying all sugar is bad, but I am saying we all need to limit our sugar intake. I know just from this post that not everyone will listen, but even if you just start to cut out some things and be aware of what you are eating then you will live a healthier lifestyle. I thought I would share one of the best desserts I have seriously tasted in a long time that has absolutely no bad sugars. I will start posting some of the things I eat, and how to cut out those bad sugars! Everyone can do it!

Blueberries with Coconut Milk:

½ cup of Organic Blueberries

1 can of Full Fat Coconut Milk (Coconut milk is a good fat just like avocado so do not be concerned about the calories as your body will use them)

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

It’s just that simple! Here’s how to make it:

Usually when you use coconut milk you would shake the can to create the milk, but for this dessert DO NOT shake the can. Open up the can and there should be what looks almost like a full fat yogurt consistency. You will then scoop out the milk that is thick like yogurt into a dish until you get to the liquid in the middle which you may use for something else or throw out. You will then use about 2 tablespoons of the coconut milk and leave the rest in the fridge. You take the 2 tablespoons of coconut milk and put it right on top of the blueberries in a bowl. You then sprinkle Coconut Palm Sugar on top and you have this easy delicious dessert. I cannot even tell you how good and creamy it is without any milk ingredients at all. Enjoy!

Share Your Weakness

Growth is so scary. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I’m scared to start to let myself grow and feel uncomfortable. The new year brings lots of new opportunities, and with opportunities comes lessons. There are opportunities we will turn down this year all because we are too scared to take the chance. The chance seems too big and our comfortable self wants to stay in our cozy nest. What does a cozy nest mean to you? It’s interesting to ask yourself that and actually think about how much you get out of the cozy nest. The cozy nest could be your city, your room, or the people in your life. The best lessons come from traveling the world, and meeting new people. We are all onions and the more chances we take the more we discover the new layers of our lives. We all can always work on things within ourselves, and having goals is a good place to start. I have my fair share of goals this year and committing to them is my biggest struggle. The beauty of sharing your weakness  is that it makes people around you grow because all the sudden they are inspired to work on their biggest weakness. Inspire the people who surround you, and help them work through their fears.



In The Moment…

Today: Take a look at where you stand whether it’s at work, the bus stop or working out. You are alive, living your life and creating your dreams. It’s good to be present and take a deep breath. We get so trapped in our heads that we forget to just live in that very moment.

Welcome to the world of TEA!

I never thought I would love tea as much as I do now. I’ve always loved learning about health, but never knew too much about the world of tea. Tea is kind of like learning about wine, and as we all know there is a ton to learn about wine. I wrote a blog post last year about tea, but I wasn’t passionate like I am now. I work at a tea shop, and I answer different tea questions all day long. I’ve learnt so much during tea tastings, research, and listening to others around me at work talk about each tea. Tea has a ton of health benefits, and I have noticed a serious difference in my immune system since I started drinking tea. Tea can help your skin, mood, and help fight disease. Here is a little run down on three types of tea:

1)      White tea is the lightest tasting tea, and is mostly harvested in China. White tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant which is the same plant as where black tea comes from. White tea is the first pick off the plant and therefore it is the highest in Antioxidants.

2)      Green Tea is my passion and I am constantly interested in learning more. Green tea as we all know is huge in any Japanese restaurant you go into, and Green tea is said to help soothe the stomach before digesting a big meal. Green tea comes from the same plant as White tea and is said to have a ton of antioxidants as well. Green tea has been used as both a beverage and in medicine for a very long time, and I believe it is a secret that Canadians are just starting to become familiar with. Matcha in particular is my favourite type of Green tea and I drink a shot in the morning almost every day. Matcha gives you serious amounts of energy as I am asked daily how I am so energetic, and I always explain my secret is a Matcha shot in the morning. Here are some Matcha facts (I was blown away when I first read these facts):

Antioxidant levels in Matcha…WOW!


6.2 times that of Goji Berries

7 times that of Dark Chocolate

17 times that of Wild Blueberries

60.5 times that of Spinach


3)      Mate: Having problems studying? Having problems focusing in everyday life? Falling asleep at your desk or school? Well Mate will help you with every one of those issues! Mate is a South American infused drink which comes from the Yerba Mate tree. The leaves of the yerba mate tree contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, abundant antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine. Mate is a natural stimulant and is much healthier than caffeine. Caffeine takes you on a high and then drops you quickly, but Mate drops you slowly.



I get a lot of people telling me they are not tea drinkers, but in my opinion you just haven’t found the right type of tea for you. Tea is important to drink in our everyday lives, and I truly believe the health benefits are worth every penny that the tea costs.


Relax & Remind Yourself:)

December is the word love wrapped in a box with a red bow around it. I was thinking last night about the month of December and how the whole month feels like a gift. I found myself yesterday getting so wrapped up in what gifts to get others that I felt overwhelmed/stressed. I like to put a lot of thought into a gift and I love the feeling of seeing someone super excited about what they just opened. But is this what the season is really about? Is it really worth getting stressed out about? I would never want someone to feel any stress over a gift they were getting me, so why do we stress out so much? I think it’s because we feel the need to always action things that we forget to live in the moment. This season is about enjoying the moment while drinking eggnog by the fire or laughing with friends. The gift of being a supportive friend, a good partner, or making someones day is the gift that people never forget. I look back on this year and I don’t think about the dresses I bought, but I think about the people who make this city my home. I know we all are shopping and we’re so busy in one of the busiest times of the year, but just take a moment to breathe. Breathe in the cool air, and think about what you are thankful for. Who can you thank this Christmas for helping you this year or touching your life? Who creates you to be a better person? Whose honest with you when you need it most? The gift of love is so much stronger than gifts under the tree. I remember watching the little kids in Peru playing with rocks and dirt while laughing all together. I thought it was crazy that they could be so happy with nothing to play with, but they had each other and that was all they needed.


Even When I’m Eighty Years Old…

I still make Christmas wish lists…is that sad? I have a feeling I may never stop, even when I’m eighty years old. I know some of us love everything to change, but I definitely like some tradition still in my life. Christmas lists give your family a little direction and a wish list can consist of anything you want. I thought this year I would share my favourite things as I loved Oprah’s favourite things show this year. I make a wish list for my family and goals for myself that I want to achieve over the Christmas season. In my last post I talked about giving this season and it is so important to give. It’s lovely to receive material things, but do any of us need most of what we get? No. Nevertheless opening gifts and giving to love ones is so fun, but don’t forget to give to those who actually need food/clothing. I encourage you on this holiday season when you give your list to your family to also write a goal list for yourself!! Happy giving, spreading love, and shopping for loved ones.

P.S. My favourite things post to come on Saturday:)


Are You Living It Right?

Does this question ever cross your mind…Am I living my life right? I can’t answer that for you, but when I ask you that what thoughts pop into your head? Negative or Positive? The first thoughts where we don’t analyze the crap out of things are really interesting to analyze. Life is so complicated but at the same time it’s simple. We love to complicate things and sometimes things happen to us that are out of our hands. I find myself putting stress on myself, because I create pressure that is caused from only me. We all have standards for ourselves and standards are a great thing to have. But sometimes it’s okay to let those high standards down a little and let yourself be okay with making some mistakes. Mistakes are lessons and without mistakes we wouldn’t know the right decisions vs the wrong ones. I believe half of our standards for ourselves are ego driven and let that ego wall down. The ego side of us sometimes doesn’t want to let us make mistakes, but talk that ego side down. It’s like when you talk to your friend about their past relationship that didn’t go well and they say yeah I totally regret what happened. The feeling of regret is awful and why live in that space? Do not regret what has happened in your past, but instead use those lessons to move on. We bring ourselves down when we focus on the negativity of a negative situation instead of seeing the lesson in a positive way. You are never living your life wrong when you are learning from lessons and working on what needs to change. The ego side of you wants you to be perfect, but nothing is perfect. Believe in yourself even in the times when you feel like you’ve lost yourself and trust your choices. The happiness within you happens when you start seeing your life in a positive way and regret nothing from your past.


Inspiration Through Lyrics & Images

I write to music every week when I post and in general whenever I am writing. I’m going to start sharing the music that inspires me every week and feel free to listen whenever you are reading my posts. I also love-inspiring images/quotes, and I will be sharing those every week too. I find creativity really comes alive when you let go of all your thoughts, and inspire yourself.

The Fray- Happiness (This is the song I almost always write to and if you have never heard it then you must have a listen. It was written about a girlfriend of the lead singer who was a long way away from him and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen. It continues to inspire me every time I listen to it.)
Filter- Take My Picture
John Mayer- Why Georgia
Taylor Swift- Starlight
Sarah Mclachlan- Wintersong
Eric Clapton- Blue Eyes Blue






Ivory Core

Bright light

On these dark days
Hallelujah to your soul
The greatest
Most honest
Built of layers
White horse
Deep rose
Ivory core
We just flow
Never stealing tomorrow
Living for today

The Power Of December

Is it already November 20th? Where has time gone? I look back on this year and it has come with the most life lessons one year could hand me. I look back and give thanks for every lesson I have learnt. What lessons have you learnt? Who has touched or what has touched your life? December is just around the corner and it’s my favourite month. December for me is the month of love, family, and giving back. It is such a powerful time and I always feel sad when it’s all over. The gift of giving over the holidays, touching someone’s life who doesn’t have as much and spreading love, is what December is all about. Christmas brings up different emotions for different people, and I’ve talked to some who would rather not celebrate it. I, myself, have lost family members and their memory is with me every year. I picture my grandfather’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree and my uncles witty humor on the family videos. The people who leave us, leave the best memories with us and that is the gift we have from them. The pain of not having someone is harder than words can explain, but those people are looking down wanting us to celebrate. Celebrate our lives, our love and the memory that we hold of them in us forever. December is what you want it to be and the lessons we have learnt we can choose to make us stronger or bring us down. You choose this December what kind of month you want to have and the energy you choose. Love each other, celebrate, and enjoy every moment with family/friends.